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Eva B. logo illustration face with freckles, red lips and bee on nose
Eva B. logo photo face with freckles, red lips and bee on nose

Eva B.

Hi I’m Eva, Eva B., Eva Borght, Eva Van der Borght. True millennial at heart, investing in loads of greenery, figuring out how I will ever afford to buy a house and forever learning new things and skills.

I am a visual designer and digital marketer. If you’d like to read the long story of how I got to where I am today, just check out my About section. In short, after 5 years in various marketing jobs in London it was time to shake things up with a move across the pond.

In London I gained 5 years of experience in digital and marketing strategy, where I established myself as a leader in creatively defining of how to use my creativity and designs to effectively support and improve the outcome of a project, a brand and its strategy successfully. It helps me approach design in a different way and it helps me to see the full picture. Giving me a holistic view on the marketing and design process.

And here I am now, a Belgian from London in New York, thrilled to use my marketing skill set and design expertise for your brand.