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&hope coaching branded website header - Eva B.



&hope coaching branded website logo - Eva B.

&hope’s mission is to empower people to improve their happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment. Beth, the founder of &hope, wants to help people unlock that inner fire and build a positive and constructive mindset so that her clients can face everything life throws at them.

Working together with another designer - Louise Evans, we created a modern new brand for &hope. Helping her from the start to find her the perfect business name, help her set up her domain and Wordpress site, create her design and make sure she could use her website herself without help.

&hope coaching branded website gif - Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website- wireframe on paper - Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website- wireframe on paper services- Eva B.


To balance the amount of text (her services and blog) and the pops of vibrant colours, there needed to be lots of whitespace to also give the website a sense of calm.

I also focused on bringing her color palette through to all her branded materials and social channels, to make sure everything is associated with her brand and in the end with her.

&hope coaching branded website- color palette- Eva B.
&hope-stationary & mobile of branded website- Eva B.

The whole process was all done in a very short timeframe. Louise decided to go for a simple logo, and I made sure the design would not be too complicated as well as easy accessible for potential clients.

&hope coaching branded website- social media templates - Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website- business cards - Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website- services on tablet- Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website- mobile - Eva B.
&hope coaching branded website gif - Eva B.
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Being a young business, the pages needed to be clear and airy to make sure traffic wouldn’t drop off too soon. As &hope is targeted at both businesses and individuals there needs to be a clear difference between the services she provides.

By using two vibrant colours I want to appeal to young professionals, but also keep a professional and trustworthy appearance to reflect her work. I wanted to showcase her services, allow for online contact and booking and make sure her customers connect through articles and her social media accounts.

She wanted the website to demonstrate her sunny and open personality, but at the same time demonstrate calmness and professionalism. On top of that potential customers needed a quick and reliable way to reach out with any questions they might have.

The result is a warm, welcoming and clean design that you can check out here

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 23.56.22.png

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