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Borderless Banter



Still a work in progress - the website Borderless Banter is a pet project of me and my husband.

As we travel a lot and we’ve moved to a couple of different locations these last years, we wanted to gather all the experiences and information we have in one place. However we don’t want just another travel website with just pictures and meaningless showing off. We want to create a website that influences readers’ decisions when choosing to move abroad or decide on a holiday destination.

A blog that combines travel, economy, history and ties in with the country or place today.



When thinking out the wireframes and design I wanted to make sure that there was a good balance between visuals and text. As we’re going to write long pieces I wanted the pages to feel calm and airy and give people the opportunity to take a breather after reading a long text block.


We wanted to go for a modern, calm and friendly informal feel, so I opted to use a sans serif font to ease legibility of the text blocks. However we wanted to keep a contrast between body text and titles to make sure to lure people in and get them to read the blog posts.

As we’re both happy, colourful people we wanted to use colour. The colours aI went for in the end are earthy colours -that you can find around the globe- but have been a bit muted to not give a scream in your face vibe.

As I said, it’s not finished yet, but I can not wait to share the final website with you!

ll-The booster.png

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