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E&T wedding



My partner and I got married last year -time goes so fast- and even though we had to plan this wedding in merely 4 months, I wanted to go all out. Letting go of the design of our invites, menus and other stationary was a no-go. Using florals for the end of August, but with loads of colours, so it wouldn’t be “too girly” (according to my partner) was the perfect compromise.

We (know/think we) are a fun couple and a little weird and different, so we wanted to do something different, creating an E&T magazine to get people excited about the wedding, to accompany the invite. There was a timeline of how we came to be, facts about the guests attending, directions, accommodation tips and fun and games.

E&T- invite-back.png

A whole load of our guests came from abroad, so we wanted to make sure they got involved with the locals attending the wedding.

By creating special seating cards, we managed to get everyone talking. The design was simple; when guests would sit down they’d just see their name on the card, but in small letters on the bottom of the card, it said to pick it up and open it to learn something fun about their neighbours. When folding open the seat sheet, you got a little Did-you-know to introduce the people sitting next and across from you.

A fun way to get people talking to each other and to get the conversation going. People kept walking around, looking at other people’s descriptions. Mission accomplished!


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