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When working at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in London I got the opportunity to work on revamping the ‘Jobs transform lives’ (JTL) page on their website. As the webpage in question hadn’t had an update in a couple of years, it just felt out of place with the rest of the REC website.

As the page was an important section of the organisations work, but analytics showed that traffic kept dropping off after only a couple of seconds it was time for a refresh. This page would be the first of a complete overhaul of the entire website and would serve as a base template for all other pages.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.50.18.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.56.45.png


The branding was set and the online collateral was already available, so it was a question of building a new structure for the JTL page, showing how the end design would look and working together with the sourced agency to create the webpage.

When creating the wireframes it was important to work in block sections. As these blocks would be separate entities that could be selected or deselected in the backend depending on how the page should look. There were certain elements that had to be included; like an image block and a video block and text blocks, but the rest was all up to me to decide what was further needed on these pages.


The old pages were cluttered (after years of small changes and additions) and had lots of text and no breathing room on them. And that’s the first thing I wanted to change. Making sure all the information on there was useful and concise, copy that wasn’t needed moved to other pages and the information was up to date. This way visitors would not drop off so easy.

After the initial wireframing there was a sit-down with the agency to see what was feasible. After some minor tweaks I visualized the design and presented that to the rest of the team for final finishes. The team luckily loved it and REC still has my designs up and running (with some minor tweaks added since)!


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